#100daysoflove day 22

#100daysoflove day 22

Thank goodness for Fresh meat and its ability to make me laugh!


I need feminism because

I need feminism because

…. it makes me feel less rubbish about not being a size ten.
…..it makes me question the world more.
…..it frees me from the bullshit of having to look, act and talk a certain way because i have ovaries.
…..i believe all women should be valued by their contribution to the world, not because of their looks.
…..not all men are aggressive, loud and macho, nor are all women delicate, talkative and weak.
…..i want to live in a society where women are not afraid to walk home alone late at night.
….. all women need to have equal and safe access to contraception and abortion.
…..i want there to be more female scientists, mathematicians and bricklayers.
…..i want to be paid the same amount as a man.

…..i believe we are all part of the solution.