Day 123

Blogging each day becomes harder and harder, but I will quickly surmise my thankfulness from last week:
I am thankful for Devina and her friendship when we met for a chat and some Wagamama’s. I had precious sleep during the week so it was really great to finally sleep well on Saturday night. I had a really nice Sunday, I met with friends for breakfast, followed by book shop browsing on Blackstock road. I finally did some overdue washing and then sat in bed reading for the afternoon and evening, burying myself in yet another fantasy novel.
I had a lovely surprise in the shape of Keith Riglin being at work today; I also had a nice little chat in Lidl with the check out guy Rahaun- who loves all types of films and told me that he wants to see the film ‘The Artist’ and that horror films are very predictable. This ticks one of my Try Something New revolution– more about that later. 

I received a few texts from Gambia today and the clear sky and stars in the sky on the way home were a portent for my phone call to Gambia- the line was crystal clear. This was followed by a nice evening in with Magda. So blue monday ends better than it started. 


Today I am grateful for my Aunty Fran and her expert eye. I finally tried on her birthday present to me and it fits really well. This, plus sorting out and colour coordinating my ‘work’ wardrobe for Gambia made me feel a bit more excited about my trip. If I am going to have to wear ridiculous ( read practical) at least the colours match! Bit confused by the inner pant of the men’s shorts but I can tell that they will serve me well. I also tried on my swimming costumes which also made me feel more excited.