New Year, so far

I love New Year, I think I love New Year almost as much as I love birthdays, in fact I know I love it more than many other celebrations because I love the idea of a fresh start, a blank slate AND that everyone can celebrate the New Year together.

In 2011 I decided that I wanted to celebrate New Year in a different country or outside of London, as a 30 year old Londoner, there is a limit to the house parties/ clubs/ bars that I can freshly celebrate in. So last year I went with two old friends to Edinburgh, a city I had wanted to visit for AGES, and saw 2012 in with old friends and new on Arthur’s seat with a cascade of fireworks surrounding us. A fantastic start to the year. This year I was in Bruges with some newer friends, and celebrated in the pouring rain with great bonhomie, champers and dancing to Gangnam style. Another amazing start to a new year.

This year is one of changes for me and as such, I only set one resolution which I detailed in my previous post. I felt so great from my excursion to Bruges that I decided to create a list of tasks starting the next day. Note I mention tasks, not resolutions. These are things I want to get done now. And they are:

1) Book a night photography workshop
Those of you that know me well will know I enjoy taking photos and have a photoblog  (somewhat neglected of late, I will rectify)  and I have had this voucher since my birthday in October and had been ignoring it really. But I love taking photos. I enjoy the technical aspect of using a SLR.  And I can borrow the equipment I need. So I put a appointment  in my calendar with all the details and today gave the photographer a call. He was lovely and said he would send me some dates that suited me. Mission accomplished.

2) Start dating
This is an interesting one because I often feel as though I need to be some kind of perfect to start dating someone – ‘Oh when I get that job, I’ll be ready’, ‘When I’ve moved house and am more settled, then I can join a dating site’, ‘When I’ve finished this, then would be a good time’. However a few recent unsuccessful romantic entanglements made me realise that whilst I am putting my romantic life on hold, I am wasting time; and also perhaps I’ll never feel ready. So I decided that I would just bite the bullet and start online dating. So far I’ve created my profile, which is a positive step and is at least opening up the possibility of dating someone.

3) Find a new home
Unfortunately my lovely housemates and I are going our separate ways and I made the decision to move into a new flatshare for a variety of reasons. However moving to a new flat, with new people makes me more than a little bit nervous and it is the sheer fear of having no where to live in a weeks time that has prompted me to action. However, I have already viewed two flats and have several more lined up. Doing something is better than doing nothing and having done some viewings already, I feel calmer about the ones to come.

4) Start blogging again
I started off really well with this blog but towards the end of last year, my blogging dwindled. I think that this is a great space and resource for myself and others (judging by the positive feedback I get!) and so I decided to start again, pushing myself to blog on Jan 1st, telling myself it is better to write for 10 minutes than to not write at all.  Ditto with this post, its better to write a post here than to spend an hour aimlessly surfing the net.

I hope that you find something of inspiration in my words. Drop me a comment below. 🙂



New Year’s resolutions 2013- ‘F**k It’!

I am writing this sitting on my sofa after a wonderful 36 hours in Bruge celebrating the New Year with old and new friends. I have been neglecting my writing of late and kept on putting ‘write blog post’ on my to do list, but I never seemed to have the time… However energised by my lovely time away, I decided to post about my New Year’s resolutions. I love the idea of resolutions, but find it hard to follow them through. However this year I have one main resolution- to say ‘F**k It’ more often. This was inspired by a book of the same name given to me by a very good friend for my 30th birthday. I am a worrier and an over thinker and I feel that I could learn a lot; let go more; and make decisions better for myself by adopting this attitude.

Watch this space for further details.

Happy New Year 2013!



Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

I started a job application this evening which I found quite difficult to do. As I am in a reflective mood, I had a think about what was really bothering me about the application. I realised that it was not the tedium of doing the form, but the potential change I was welcoming into my life that was making me feel very uncomfortable. I detest change, hence I am stuck in a rut in several areas of my life. I googled ‘fear of change’ and read several articles which illustrated that fear of change is actually fear of being criticised, of success and so on. I continued reading until I came across a New Year’s resolution worksheet, where you plan to start your resolution in February. I recognised some of the methods in the worksheet and decided to apply it to my goal of going to Brazil:

GOAL: I want to go to Brazil in September 2012.

WHY: I want to go to see this country which really interests me and to challenge one of my biggest fears.

HOW TO STAY STRONG: I will remind myself of this by putting up lots of fun and interesting pictures of Brazil in places where I can see them; and by doing lots of research.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I DON’T ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: If I don’t go, I will be stuck in the UK, not having any new, life changing experiences; listening and reading about others adventures. I also will not have given myself the best gift ever for my 30thbirthday!


  • Save at least £1250 to pay for my airfare and spending money
  • Register with Workaway in February and start applying for placements
  • Start learning Portuguese.

MY NEXT STEP: To collect language resources from Mike.

WHO DO I HAVE TO BE TO DO THIS GOAL: Strong in my purpose, willing to take a risk and more importantly willing to embrace change.

HOW WILL I CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY: I will tell even more people about wanting to go to Brazil; and when I feel more confident, by May I will tell my work. I am creating further accountability by posting this here where I know Hattie and Keith will read it. Please use this position of authority!
I hope that I manage to achieve this goal and recommend that anyone that wants to achieve something use the worksheet as I did; it prompted me to remember why I want to go to Brazil.
Thankfulness today: I am incredibly thankful for Danielle’s generosity. As a Christmas present she bought me a morning in a beauty salon in Chingford, my nails are done a fabulous orange, my toes a sultry carmine and my tense shoulders eased and rubbed